Tilly Tec MPL 1000-1800-10

€199 inc VAT

The MPL 1000-1800 is excellent to use as backup or secondary lamp . Excellent also fortravel, this version is as well suited for night dives and the lamp is strong enough to light up in caves, crevices and under overhangs.

Comes with rechargeable batteries and longer handle for non-rechargeable batteries.

Diameter: 43 mm
Length (with attachment): 207 mm (3 x AA batteries - not included)
Length (short): 123 mm (with a LiCoMn 18650 battery - included)

Bulb: 1 x LED
Light output in lumens 360 degrees: 1000
Radiation in degrees: 10
Light color in Kelvin: 18000
Comparable halogen light wattage (only approximate): 65
Burning time in min (see note) with default set-up: 60 - 90 min

incl. hand strap and light pocket with battery charger.

The series is supplied with the MPL 1000 with a 18650 battery and charger.

60 min burn time is estimated burn time on full power, 90 minutes on emergency power,